Live Workshop - Identify and Attract Your Dream Clients

How to Identify and Attract Your Dream Clients for Being You

Identify and Attract Your Dream Clients Workshop
the second workshop in the Monetize Your Brilliance series

What if you could:
 - Identify and attract the people you’re meant to serve so you can make the impact you desire?
- Get more clients, make more money for being you?
- Work with clients who appreciate you and value you and pay what you asked for?

January 8, 2022 1:30pm PST/ 3:30pm CST/ 4:30pm EST

In this hands-on, interactive 90-min workshop, you’ll find out How To:

  • How you are repelling clients and money from being attracted to you
  • Why your products/service are not for everyone
  • How to find and attract your dream clients

What Our Clients Say:

“Working with Li-Min was a great experience. She helped me get clarity on my message with my niche. She wasn’t afraid to give specific examples and advice…and it was awesome! She gave me so many things that I could incorporate into my business immediately. I highly recommend working with Li-Min. I look forward to working with her again!”
Kelly Cote, Holistic Health Coach

“Special shout out to Li-Min Huang who helped me get clarity on what my niche ought to be. Li, you're brilliant and I loved every minute of our talk. So many entrepreneurs would certainly benefit from your genius. Just saying! Thank you so much!!! :-)”
Myla S, Mindset Coach  

“You were very instrumental in helping me narrow down my business niche to a more focused and specialized area that fits my skillset.  Without your help, my target client group would have been too broad and in turn, probably overwhelming. You have a gift!  Thank you for using that gift to help me break down a roadblock that may have causes me problems in the future!”
Victoria B, Recruiter and Career Coach

Introducing our Expert Trainer: Li-Min Huang

Li-Min Huang is a business strategist, author and speaker. She helps professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners gain clarity on their brilliance, stand out in their industry, and attract their ideal clients.  

Li is an award winning Sales IT professional, regularly closing 5 and 6 figure contracts. She has over 10 years of experience in technology as a project manager and top account executive in IT training.  As an entrepreneur, Li-Min grew her real estate portfolio from 0 to 14 rental properties across 7 states. She also simultaneously developed a brand marketing business generating over 2 million dollars in revenue within 3 years.  

Her mission is to empower entrepreneurs to express their gifts and achieve financial independence.

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  • Live Workshop - Attract Your Dream Clients
  • $50 USD

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